Friday, June 17, 2011

Rental Car Fee Increase in Hawaii

Rental Car Fee Increase in Hawaii.

Effective 07/01

House Bill 1039 has passed legislation. This bill Increases the rental motor vehicle surcharge tax to $7.50 per day from the current $3.00 per day, regardless of where vehicles are rented..
This in an attempt to help balance the state's projected $1.3 billion projected two-year budget deficit and would raise $61 million, reports the Associated Press.

How will this hike effect the rental companies?
From my experience with recent fee hikes, people are now renting
for shorter durations. Some people are foregoing a rental all together.

Is this helping Hawaii's economy in the long run?

It's less people, spending less time on our streets and in our stores.
That doesn't have a good ring to it, to my ears!

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