Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The 2013 Holidays are here ~ Book now!

Its that time of year again.. The 2013 Holidays are here..

In just a coup[le of weeks, we will receive our final closeout notices of the year stating all 8 agencies we work with will be sold out on all islands. Soon the phone lines will be burning up, all we will have is bad news for the already depressed masses, frantically calling everywhere for anything, at any rate. We receive in the neighborhood of 200 calls a day starting around the 15th. With no vehicles to be had anywhere. If your one of those folks with little or no options, we have something for you. We now broadcast real time updates regarding every "cancellation" & "no show" we come across.
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Every year we find sold out dates become available due to cancellations & people simply not showing up for their rentals. We monitor 8 major car rental agencies in real time and now list these openings live on our Twitter feed & Facebook page. This is our third year broadcasting on Twitter, we'll try to find a vehicle for you, like we have for many others.

Danny Lauer - owner of

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